Several means for dangerous goods transportation

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The Bureau de Vérifications Techniques (BVT), has been operating in the field of Transport of Dangerous Goods since 1977. It offers a complete range of laboratory tests and specific training.
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Dangerous goods marking table

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To ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods throughout the world, whether by road, air or sea, BVT introduces you to its raison d'être, its certification, inspection and training missions and its expertise.

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With 2 main sites for laboratories, next to Roissy and Rungis, the 2 transit hubs for dangerous goods, BVT offers training in the 5 major cities of France, benefiting from the Apave training center network.

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With IATA (air transport), ADR (road transport), IMDG (maritime transport) and RID (rail transport) accreditations, BVT can respond to your many testing and training needs. Many customers trust us.

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Dangerous goods" are defined as all materials, substances, objects, wastes or all objects and mixtures which by their nature or characteristics may represent a danger during transport.

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Just as important to us as our quality approach is the satisfaction of our customers. They are spread across many areas of activity and are the source of our main concerns. Although they are already our pride, we will continue to develop and improve.