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What about BVT ?

The Bureau de Vérifications Techniques, an organisation approved by the national and international authorities in the field of the Transport of Dangerous Goods, offers you a complete range of laboratory testing and training services. We intervene in order to control the risks linked to the transport of dangerous goods and to guarantee safer, sustainable and environmentally friendly conditions for all your employees.

Did you know ? 

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In many industrial companies, residues and empty, uncleaned packaging, which are shipped as waste, have the right waste code but rarely the right transport classification.

And yet, vigilance is required because this classification determines the shipping and transport procedures: training, packaging, identification, exemption, documentation. Incorrect classification or identification of hazardous materials can lead to costly violations.

Ou history

40 years at your service

Since 1977, many companies have trusted us to test their packaging for the transport of dangerous goods. In our laboratory, our experts carry out regulatory tests and issue approvals that certify the packaging. We are constantly involved in providing you with a quality service, in the shortest possible time, while maintaining constant transparency. Our expertise also enables us to offer you a wide range of tests (regulatory, normative or according to specifications) in the field of hollow bodies.

The approval as a training organization obtained in 1998 also allows our teams to offer you a training service for the transport of dangerous goods. Thus, we have been training drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods by road for over 20 years. Our expertise having increased, the company has also been training air and sea carriers for several years. These trainings aim at guiding you in the control of risks related to dangerous goods in order to make the working conditions safer and more sustainable.


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Our purpose

Progression and Protection

"Bringing our expertise to secure the transportation of dangerous goods anywhere in the world, whether by road, air or sea."


We provide companies with our expertise in order to secure the transport of dangerous goods all over the world, whether by road, air or sea. In this way, we ensure safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly working conditions for all our employees.
BVT, a key player in its field, wishes to strengthen its positions in sectors linked to the energy transition. We are committed to respecting the safety of people, goods and activities at all levels in order to progress together in a constantly changing world. Our mission: to become your reference to accompany you on a daily basis in the control of your risks.


Progress together, while protecting yourself !


Our mission :

Certify, Control, Train

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Test and approve your packagings

The Transport of Dangerous Goods is the core business of BVT, a subsidiary of the Apave Group.
Since its creation in 1977, BVT has built its reputation on its technical expertise in the approval of packaging for the transport of dangerous goods, making it a reference for the authorities responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules of the various regulations (ADR - IATA - IMDG)

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Approval process for your packaging
Approving packaging is a cycle that, depending on certain characteristics, may not be clear and may seem long. BVT explains the approval cycle to make it easier for you to obtain approval.
Training sessions
Train your teams
Training at BVT is a very special field. Our trainers, all experts in their respective fields, provide you not only with all the regulatory data and knowledge, but above all with the best practices for all the transports used.

Our strengths:

Expertise and Professionalism

BVT's rigorous normative testing and the issuing of approvals for packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods, within its laboratories, make it a centre of excellence.


All our training courses are led by professionals with experience in the sector in which they teach and experienced in the exercise of professional training for adults. Coming from the field of different types of transport, they will share their experience with you to facilitate and secure your daily work.

At BVT, active teaching is strongly favored. It allows learners to project themselves into a real work situation in order to quickly gain autonomy. BVT's core values are based on :

  • Listening to the customer
  • Safety and protection
  • Ethics
  • Expertise and professionalism

The professions of 


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BVT, a trusted partner for training your staff, relies on a pedagogical approach based on real work situations. Our objective is to quickly develop the autonomy of your employees.
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We test all types of packaging in order to certify them for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Our expertise in testing allows us to maximize safety and limit any risk.

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To make an inventory of the application of the Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations in your company, and to obtain an exhaustive report on the deviations noted.

Our Trainings

To make the participants quickly autonomous and operational after the training

Our Laboratory

Transport your dangerous goods all over the world in safety