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Our job at BVT is to make our customers' working conditions safe by controlling the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods. For 40 years, we have been working with our clients to make their daily lives safer, while seeking to protect their property and the environment.


The expertise and professionalism of our 40 employees contribute to the relationship of trust established with our clients, some of whom we have been working with since the beginning.


At the request of our clients, we intervene in three main areas: certification, inspection and training. We act as a trusted third party for our clients, impartial in our test results and expert in the advice we give.

Find out about our jobs

through our missions

  • Certification: Use your experience to test our customers' packaging
  • Control: Ensure the proper application of the transport of dangerous goods regulations and secure our clients' environment
  • Training: Pass on your experience to the dangerous goods transporters of tomorrow


BVT encourages your development with missions that follow one another and are not alike. On a daily basis, you will be immersed in the heart of our clients' safety issues and will act to protect people, goods and the environment. Each mission differs according to the client, its needs and the problems linked to its transport chain and packaging. Missions that follow one another and are not the same. Autonomous, yet supported by your management, you will be able to build the answers to your questions. Your expertise will be essential to the success of our projects.


Specialists in training, we will be able to integrate new arrivals and increase their skills thanks to our network of trainers who always allow you to learn the job with the latest regulations in force. Your manager will listen to you, follow your integration and help you find your bearings. At each stage of your development, we entrust you with assignments that match your professional experience and skills.


Thanks to the wide range of our services, you can build a personalised career path. You will be able to evolve and share your career choices and orientation in order to manage assignments, become a technical consultant or manage the commercial and financial aspects.


BVT has established a relationship of trust with engineering schools, universities and high schools. We want you to discover the wealth of knowledge, expertise and know-how that will enable you to join a dynamic team in the day-to-day management of risks.



Why join us? While working independently but as part of a team, working at BVT avoids a tedious and redundant routine by taking part in a variety of assignments ensuring a plurality of tasks to be performed. Work in a team and independently on challenging projects aimed at improving the working conditions of our employees.


For your applications

You can send your applications to the following e-mail address: fchavanne@bvt.eu