testing laboratory and training room

BVT meets your needs

BVT, a training organisation and test laboratory for 40 years, meets your needs in the field of transport of dangerous goods. We work with the aim of facilitating the daily work of our partners. To do this, we teach them to master the risks involved in the transport of dangerous goods and to better understand the structures regulating the sector.

Our overall policy

In order to carry out our mission and provide companies with the best possible support in the transport of dangerous goods, BVT relies on its quality and impartiality.  As a third-party organisation, BVT is a trusted player. We guarantee the impartiality of the results of the tests carried out in our laboratory, as well as the correction of the examinations given by our trainers. This impartiality and reliability of results is necessary in our sector and for good risk management.


This transparency is followed by a need to correctly support all our clients. Our expertise allows us to deliver our certificates or results with the certainty that our clients will have benefited from optimal support. We are working towards safer working conditions, and for this we rely on the expertise of our employees and the quality of our services.