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Our accreditations

The Formation is accredited for ADR and IATA training and the BVT Laboratory is accredited for testing by IATA, ADR and the Ministry of Transport and Ecological Transition.

Your challenges related to 

risk management

Picto human riskYour challenges related to human risks

  • The safety of your employees and personnel involved in the entire transport chain
  •  Training of teams in the risks involved

 Picto technical risk  Your challenges related to technical risks

  • Maximum safety and security: compliance with current regulations
  • Qualification of your equipment according to standards
  • Maintenance of your packaging for optimal conservation

Picto environmental risk  Your challenges related to environmental risks

  • Protection of the environment by controlling and reducing risks
  • Guarantee of packaging quality to limit environmental impacts


By controlling all these risks, you can ensure safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport.




Focus on expertise and quality

People working together on computers
People working together on computers

BVT is careful to maintain the quality of its services and the expertise of its team as watchwords for its development. These aspects are of major importance to BVT, which continues and will continue, through each intervention, to justify obtaining these accreditations.


The sector in which we operate requires a high level of skill, precision and knowledge in order to perfectly control the risks. This is why BVT is committed to a process of quality maintenance and continuous improvement in the field of risk control and the transport of dangerous goods.


Accreditation, proof of our quality and impartiality

Always delivered by a third party, in a logic of impartiality, an accreditation is a procedure that is part of a quality approach. Obtaining it allows us to be formally recognized and credible in the field and for the competence examined. It is presented in the form of a certificate and will allow the organization to carry out verification, training and testing activities with full legitimacy. An accreditation specifies precisely for which missions an organization is, or is not, accredited.


Since our creation, all our experts in the laboratory, in training or in the field, train, certify or control according to our clients' requests in order to help them control their risks. They do so in compliance with our quality and expertise charter.


  • Our ethics: BVT is made up of experts who will be able to respond perfectly to your request. As a third-party organization, BVT acts as a trusted player and guarantees the impartiality of the results of the tests performed and the correction of the examinations.
  • Our expertise: All our training courses are led by professionals with experience in the sector in which they teach. In the laboratory, the tests are carried out by highly experienced personnel guaranteeing the reliability of the results.
  • Our pedagogy: We favour active pedagogy to the maximum, allowing learners to project themselves into a real work situation to quickly gain autonomy.

The BVT laboratory, an accredited institution of the Ministry of Transport and Ecological Transition

Inside the laboratory
Inside the laboratory

Since 1977, the quality approach is effective and recognized by the competent authorities. A ministerial decree grants the laboratory an approval allowing it to approve packaging and containers intended for the transport of dangerous goods. Since then, this approach has continued to progress in the right direction.

The Ministry of Transport and Ecological Transition certifies BVT laboratory for its daily involvement in quality testing in compliance with the laws and standards in force. Compliance with legislation and conformity are at the heart of BVT's business.


Logo Ministère des Transports

The training, specific accreditations to the transport means

All of our expert-trainers have undergone quality training and have extensive experience and knowledge of the field. 

The trainings provided by BVT meet 3 accreditations:


  • Logo IATA  for air transport
  • Logo ADR  for road transportation
  • Logo Qualiopi   The quality certification was issued for the following category of Training actions


BVT has just obtained Qualiopi certification, a new quality standard for training organisations and providers of actions contributing to the development of skills (training actions, skills assessments, validation of acquired experience, apprenticeships).


This certification attests to the quality of our training courses provided in our training centres in France as well as the conditions for their implementation. It highlights our quality approach and our desire to set up a continuous improvement organisation for quality training.


The professions of 


Number  1 green


BVT, a trusted partner for training your staff, relies on a pedagogical approach based on real work situations. Our objective is to quickly develop the autonomy of your employees.
Number 2 green


We test all types of packaging in order to certify them for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Our expertise in testing allows us to maximize safety and limit any risk.

Number 3 green


To make an inventory of the application of the Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations in your company, and to obtain an exhaustive report on the deviations noted.

Our Trainings

To make the participants quickly autonomous and operational after the training

Our Laboratory

Transport your dangerous goods all over the world in safety