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Training at BVT is a very special field. Our trainers, all experts in their respective fields, provide you not only with all the regulatory data and knowledge, but above all with the best practices for all the transports used.

The training at BVT

At BVT, our mission is to assist you in this regulation process. We offer more than 30 adapted, enriching and dynamic training courses. These courses are led by trainers who are experts and professionals in their field of. They bring their knowledge, expertise and advice to each training session and to all participants to better master the transport of dangerous goods.

Our areas of expertise

BVT has been training people involved in the transport of dangerous goods for more than 40 years, not only in a multimodal manner but also at all levels of the transport chain. This sector is regulated by numerous regulations, notably by agreements such as IATA, IMDG and ADR. Any company involved in the transport of dangerous goods must therefore train its employees. We are therefore involved in many different sectors, although they are all affected by the same texts:


  • Chemicals & Industrial Goods
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Armament & Defence
  • Logistics & Transport

Our accreditations

BVT is a training organisation that relies on expertise, the quality of our training courses and speakers, and transparency. For these aspects, we are recognised by competent qualification bodies. Our training meets three accreditations. In the field of road transport, BVT is approved by the Ministry responsible for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. In the air transport sector, BVT is an IATA-accredited training school. BVT training is also Qualiopi certified, the national reference for training organisations, a guarantee of quality and impartiality.
The areas of training
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Air transportation training


BVT trains all personnel involved in the transport chain of dangerous goods (shippers, forwarders, packers, handling, cargo handling) for the air transport of dangerous goods.

Road transportation training


BVT trains your employees to dangerous goods by land transportation, regarding ADR regulations.

Sea transportation training


BVT trains all you staff involved in dangerous goods shipment, regarding IMDG Code.

Safety Advisor for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (SATDG) training


BVT actively prepares your employees for the SATDG exam.

ADR 1.3 trainings


Our experts train all yourtransport chain related associates, whether it is by air, by sea or by road.

The professions of 


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BVT, a trusted partner for training your staff, relies on a pedagogical approach based on real work situations. Our objective is to quickly develop the autonomy of your employees.
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We test all types of packaging in order to certify them for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Our expertise in testing allows us to maximize safety and limit any risk.

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To make an inventory of the application of the Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations in your company, and to obtain an exhaustive report on the deviations noted.

Our Trainings

To make the participants quickly autonomous and operational after the training

Our Laboratory

Transport your dangerous goods all over the world in safety