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TDG Safety Advisor Training

All companies whose activity involves the transport, packaging, loading or filling of dangerous goods must appoint a Safety Advisor from among their employees. The function of safety advisor can be fulfilled by an agent of the structure or by the head of the establishment himself! His missions are to help all his colleagues to transport dangerous goods by controlling the risks on the people, the material or the environment but also to facilitate the TDG by setting up prevention actions.

Safety advisor trainings (SATDG)

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Safety advisors are required to renew their certificate of qualification every 5 years! This renewal is always done with the CIFMD, and BVT also prepares trainees for the exam.

Safety advisor trainings (SATDG)

Safety advisor trainings (SATDG)

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BVT, a trusted partner for training your staff, relies on a pedagogical approach based on real work situations. Our objective is to quickly develop the autonomy of your employees.
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We test all types of packaging in order to certify them for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Our expertise in testing allows us to maximize safety and limit any risk.

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To make an inventory of the application of the Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations in your company, and to obtain an exhaustive report on the deviations noted.

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To make the participants quickly autonomous and operational after the training

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Transport your dangerous goods all over the world in safety