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Asking for our experts

BVT answers all your questions concerning the transport of dangerous goods. BVT puts one of our TMP experts at your disposal to support you if you have a regulatory problem concerning the training of your employees, the regulatory texts, the approval of packaging..

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Asking for our experts


Interrogation point

1 - Meeting the problem

You are facing a problem or have a doubt in the context of your activity.
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2 - Contact the expert

Take contact with one of our experts and explain him the problem, or ask him your questions.
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3 - Receiving the solution

Receive an answer within 48h and return to your activity with peace of mind.

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Asking for our experts

Computer and headset
Computer and headset

Asking for our experts allows you to question a BVT expert in the transport of dangerous goods and thus provide an answer to the problems you encounter. Once you access our service, Our Experts answer you offers you :


  •  Personalized support at all times

  • A response provided by a TDG expert

  • An adapted and precise response to a specific problem

  • A quick response, within 48 hours of your request


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Package deal

Our solution is an assistance concerning the regulations of Transport of Dangerous Goods by air (IATA), sea (IMDG) and road (ADR). 

It will be carried out through an annual package of questions (see offers below) to be transmitted via the e-mail address, including a telephone exchange with an expert, if necessary, and a written answer, within 48 hours.

Choose the offer that corresponds to your needs by returning us the following form.

Package 5 requests

300€ HT

Package 10 requests

480€ HT

Package 20 requests

900€ HT

Package 30 requests

1080€ HT

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