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Regulatory monitoring tool Pilot - Avise

This product is unfortunately not available in another language than french. Nevetheless, you can reach us for any regulatory question that causes you trouble or lead to doubts, that have an impact on the weel-being of your activity. Check below our FAQ or our service "Asking for our experts" in order to find an answer to your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Personne tape sur un clavier and interrogation points icons
Personne tape sur un clavier and interrogation points icons

Have you checked if your questions has not allready been answered to on our FAQ ?

In order to be as efficient and helpfull with our clients as possible, we have created this FAQ according to the most frequent questions asked to our teams. These questions deal with trainings, homologation, packaging compliance and any other regulatory problem. 


Click on the link below to discover the questions,



Asking for our experts

Computer and headset
Computer and headset

Use this service to have an annual support for all of your dangerous goods transportation requests. If you have any question or need help to understand better the regulation, Asking for our experts can help you with that. 


We have built 4 packages that you can check, in order to choose which offer is the most adaptedto rour needs :


  • 5 questions package
  • 10 questions package
  • 20 questions package
  • 30 questions package

You want to apply for this support ? Click on the link below,

  Asking for our experts